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Welcome to! This is the internet home of "Richmond's Premiere Adult Softball Experience!" (Whatever that means!)

In all seriousness, this web page belongs to a team of softball players currently enrolled in the regional coed-recreational league in Richmond, Virginia. We're a motley group, coming from all creeds and walks of life.


  • 3/8/12 - The Spring season is scheduled to start the week of April 9. At this time, we are recruiting female players for three roster spots on our Thursday-night league.
  • 9/19/11 - Fall schedule updated.
  • 9/1/10 - The fall schedule is now online. Have a great season!
  • 4/14/10 - In order to help our team get to know one another better, we have setup a Facebook fan page that will help get everyone introduced. Please consider becoming a fan of our team on Facebook! Richmond Softball on Facebook
  • 4/14/10 - The team schedules have been posted to the schedule page.
  • 4/12/10 - Our season has started! Check the directions page to find out how to get to our playing fields: Directions to the Henderson Complex. See you on the field!

About Us:

Where we play:

We play on Thursday evenings in "the Henderson Complex" which is really near John Marshall High School (Richmond, Virginia), if you know where that is.

Who we are:

Anyway, as you already know, this site belongs to a group of "coed-rec" players, which basically means that we're out on the field mostly for the fun, socialization and exercise; a number of our players are new to the sport, yet many are not -- we all have good attitudes. Overall, we enjoy the game, yet we also enjoy the occasional team victory too -- don't take that the wrong way! We are not ultra-competitive!

Our team is comprised of men and women of all ages and skill levels; overall, the ages on our team tends to skew to mid-twenties to early-thirties, though players who fall outside that range are both welcome and will feel comfortable with our group.

What do we play? And how often?

For starters, we play softball obviously. :) Specifically, our league follows the coed-recreational (read: slow pitch) rule set defined by ASA.

Each Thursday evening during the season, excluding holidays, we play two 50-minute games against the other teams in our division. The summer season, itself, will last for several months, and many of our players opt to continue playing well into the fall.

As for practices? Well, we've got them, and we'll continue to hold them. But practices aren't required for the members of our team; they are highly recommended, if for no other reason than allowing you to become comfortable with your teammates.

Ideally, you'd be able to attend all the practices -- we know, however, that many on our team have children, jobs and social lives to attend to, so practice every week may not be an option. That's fine! Just come out and support us during practice whenever you can! (Hopefully, though, you'll be able to make most of the practices -- they really do help and we have fun at the same time).

Beyond practices however, we'll need a fairly solid committment from you for our Thursday evening games. The entire season schedule is available on day-one (or pretty close to day-one), so you'll know weeks (even months!) ahead of time when every one of our games are scheduled. (As soon as that schedule is available, I'll post that on this site too.)

That being said, we remain flexible with our games too; if players are not able to make it a particular week, just let one of our team leaders know so they can plan ahead. Forfeits that result from teams not showing up aren't any fun, particularly for those who do show up -- communicating to our team leaders will keep that from happening on our end.

So, what else should you know?

How about, what does it take to be part of our team?  Patience, reliability and a sense of humor.

We have a lot of fun with our softball; don't get us wrong.  But, we also practice regularly, and ask our players to be at the games on Thursdays.  At the same time, we recognize that a strict practice regime and absolute gameday schedule isn't necessarily something that everyone can commit to week after week without exception -- we are adults, afterall, and we do have lives off the field.  We simply ask that new players plan on attending our events and make a good faith effort to attend both practices and games.

Anyway, if you're still reading this and you'd like to give us a shout, send us an email via the "Sign Up" link above.  We'll look forward to hearing from you!

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